Greenery Garland-ORDERED BY THE FOOT-For Rectangular Tables

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This mixed greenery garland with Italian ruscus and silver dollar eucalyptus is perfect for use on a 30-36" wide table. 

Please note this is sold by the FOOT. You'll want to let us know how many feet you need. Once you order this, a member of our team will go over how you plan to divide up the feet, and will send you the number of feet you need in each needed section.  It's likely that you won't know your exact floor plan when you order, and that's okay.  Sometimes long tables are 6 feet or 8 feet, sometimes they are pushed together to make longer tables.  If you have basic information from your venue you can always give us an estimate and we can fine tune it at your 2 week out review when your floor plan is finalized.

For example if you have 5 tables that are 8 feet long, you may opt to use 5 foot long sections per table, so you would order 25 feet of garland.  Our friendly designer will go over your order with you to determine what size each length needs to be, especially if you are combining tables to create longer tables, or want the garland to go over the sides of the table.

This picture features candles and blooms added in.  You are ordering a mixed greenery garland ONLY. In our professional opinion, the candles and flowers really help create a full and cohesive design.  You may choose to add your own candles and flowers, or you can select candles and additional blooms from our centerpieces category.

Here are some helpful guidelines for ordering.

1) If your table is 6 feet long and people might sit on the end use 3.5 feet of garland. 

2) If your table is 8 feet long and people might sit on the end, use 5 feet of garland.

3) If no one is sitting on the end and you want your garland to spill over the table, take the length of the table and add 2 additional feet per table, to have it spill over a foot on each side, or to have it touch the ground, add 6 feet to the table length.