• Gorgeous & Affordable Wedding Flowers + Eastern PA, NJ & DE

Gorgeous & Affordable Wedding Flowers + Eastern PA, NJ & DE

Pick. Click. Wedding Flowers DONE.

You know exactly what you want for your wedding and don't want to spend a fortune.  Welcome to Honeysuckle Hedge, an easy solution from a trusted brand.  No long meetings with countless florists, wondering what your flowers will look like. No expensive set up and break down fees.  Just simple, straightforward pick and click.  Our couriers will deliver your flowers to you on the date you need them, for you or your venue to set up. 

How Does It Work?


Boutonnieres & Corsages


White, Cream & Neutral Color Palette

Blush & Cream Color Palette

Burgundy, Blush & Cream Color Palette

Ceremony Decor

Um, What Exactly is a Honeysuckle Hedge?

Have More Questions? What Is Your Delivery Rate Going To Be?

We know that your wedding flowers are a big investment, even at our bargain prices, so we understand if you have some additional questions before you make your purchase. Feel free to email our designer@honeysucklehedge.com.  She can also give you a courier delivery quote.  Typically rates range from $100-$250+, depending on how close the delivery is to the studio and/or the complexities of the parking/traffic situaton.  For example, deliveries within 10 miles of our Bethlehem, PA studio are $100.  Deliveries into Philadelphia are $250+.

ALSO-A NOTE ABOUT COVID 19 AND PRICING: We created Honeysuckle Hedge right as our world turned upside down in this current state of global pandemic.  This website reflects pre-pandemic pricing.  We have high hopes that the national and global flower markets will not be upset too terribly, and are currently seeing flower prices and availability remain stable.  We are unsure about what will happen over the course of the next year or so.  If prices increase dramatically for us, we will let you know about any necessary price increases to your overall wedding budget.  We may need to make substitutions if the selections that you choose are no longer available or priced beyond what the market can bear.