Arbor Decor-Cream & White

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These beauties are easily attached to your arbor or gazebo with the provided zipties. You can select from a Right Corner (shown in the image), a Left Corner or a Central Focal point.  These pieces stretch a little over 3 feet each and you can order multiples to cover a larger span.  The arbor pictured is about 4 feet wide. The corner pieces are designed in an "L" shape, as you can see from the photograph of the back of the image. 

We suggest two people for attachment.  Some venues are very protective of their arbors, and may require you to place the included felt on any spots the zipties come in contact with. 

These florals are designed in plastic cages fitted with floral foam for well-hydrated blooms.  If your arbor is located in a sunny location or it it particularly hot out on the day of your wedding, we suggest you put this up one hour or less, prior to the ceremony.  Please note, these pieces weight about 20+lbs each when fully soaked with water.  You'll want to make sure that any arbor you use is firmly staked in the ground, as attaching these pieces will make your arbor more front heavy.

We often find our couples will repurpose these from their ceremony/arbor to the reception.  Central Focal Points look amazing set atop the Sweetheart Table and Left and Right Corners look amazing set on the ground in front of your table, almost as if they are growing up the sides.